Friday, March 13, 2009

They said there'd be days like this,
but months?! Come on now...

February went like this:

1. 18 days home, 10 days on the road
2. Valentines day, me at home, him on the road
3. Number of phone calls or celebrations attended (not including fb) for 9 Family and Friend birthdays
4. Cities I slept in, Eugene, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle
5. Number of Days I was sick
6. Number of holiday's in the month - minus one (come on, this thing started off totally random until I realized the numbers were correlating with the list- this one's just to get us to #7)
7. Amount of deadlines on average I had each week this month at work.

I'm undecided yet if I'm happy that it's now March, cause as things stand right now, I don't think anything's slowing down.
Andy's already fulfilled #5 on his own for March.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally missing something here.

Do the #s correlate to the conditions in some way? Then #1 doesn't make sense. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes.

meg said...

let me be brief but explanatory, it may be subtle and only make sense to me.

1. my schedule of at home and away but all the days equal 1 month (ok it's a lame one, but it happened this way and I thought it was sort of a one)
2. me and him, supposed to be 2 together and yet we're 2 apart
3. obvious
4. obvious again
5. again, obvious
6. and 7. obvious

Trespasser said...

I just now, for the very first time, read the actual words in the heading of your blog. You are unforgettable, and I'm very glad you and Andy are my friends.