Friday, March 20, 2009

Fug Madness Round One Re-cap

I seem to agree with all of humanity. The results are in for round one over on the fug site.

So, to re-cap my Round One first picks are:

Cher Bracket
(1) Aubrey O'Day
(8) Phoebe Price
(12)Lisa Rinna
(4) Sarah Jessica Parker

Bjork Bracket
(6) Paula Abdul
(14)Katie "Jordan" Price
(7) Mary-Kate Olsen
(2) Lady Gaga

Charo Bracket
(9) Lily Allen
(5) Beyonce
(4) Scarlett Johansson

Madonna Bracket
(11)Janet Jackson
(3) Bai Ling
(7) Christina Aguilera
(2) Gwyneth Paltrow

Return for round one's continuation and see who ends up rounding out the top 32. Until then, vote, google people, and enjoy the endorphins rushing through your body that the laughter brings.

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